Business Process Automation

Business-Process-Automation-190Every day you are faced with overhead and paperwork that drains your company of valuable resources. By extending your existing IT systems, implementing specialized tools or creating creating custom software, Cyanic Automation can automate your business processes – saving you time and money and freeing up resources. Some common solutions for business process automation (BPA) are as follows:


Workflow Automation

There is workflow in nearly everything you do. For example a work order is passed from person to person as a job progresses through your organization. Instead of managing these processes manually on paper and relying on people to handle each step consistently, automated workflow can be implemented to enable:

  • Centralized knowledge
  • Reduced training requirements
  • Reduced loss of knowledge when resources leave or retire
  • Enforced consistency
  • Easy reporting
  • Increased visibility of your business processes


Information Management

Information management ensures your information (such as documents) is managed centrally and is accessible to everyone. Controls can be implement to make sure everyone is working on the correct version of a document and prevent damage to information through human error.


Change Management

Change Management is specialized workflow that ensures that any change to your business goes through the necessary process and approvals to manage risks and capture information.


Reporting & Data Analysis

As your processes become automated information is stored in databases allowing efficient reporting and analysis giving you insight into your processes and opportunities for increased efficiency.