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Custom Software Solutions

Affordable custom software solutions built with modern technologies, exactly how you want it.

Your business is unique and you have requirements that are not met with standard off-the-shelf software. Instead of compromising on the way you do business, Cyanic Automation can create custom software solutions that do exactly what you need. Our team has years of industry experience covering all facets of software development.

It's hard for small and medium sized companies to get custom software.

Let's be honest: custom software is a luxury usually reserved for larger companies willing to spend a fortune on software consultants.

It doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.

Cyanic Automation is based in Edmonton, Alberta, and we love working with smaller companies in the Edmonton area building systems that are simple to use and cost-effective. We can do this because we have low overhead, great developers and technology to solve nearly all business-related problems. Give us a call today and we can work together to take your business to the next level.

Areas of Expertise

Our development team has years industry experience in the following areas.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis
We'll send an analyst to your site to listen to your problems, understand your business and figure out what really needs to be done.
Data Modeling
We are database experts, and we can design databases to hold your data or model complex plant hierarchies.
Secure Software Development Life Cycle
Security is one of our main tenets, designed for in every part of our software development lifecycle.
Service Oriented Architecture
We use open standards to make sure your data is not trapped in silos, and can be used by your other software.
User Experience
We have techniques to make sure your software is easy and pleasurable for you and your staff to use.
We specialize in modeling your business processes, and our advanced workflow engine lets your staff do their jobs better with more consistency and less training.