What We Do

Cyanic Automation (Cyanic) is a boutique software development house based in Canada. Read more about our value proposition.

Our enthusiastic, devoted, and highly skilled team works to deliver exceptional custom software solutions to small to medium sized businesses. Learn more about our services.

Who We Work For

We have long-term relationships with companies in various sectors: Government, Oil & Gas, Finance, Charities / Non-Profits, Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, and many more. This is a result of our deep understanding of customers’ businesses and commitment to quality.

How We Work

Each project is of the highest importance, and every customer is unique in our eyes. Combining our 15-year experience with the best industry practices, we offer our customers the most suitable and convenient approachContact Us for a proposal.

Where We Came From

Mike and Doug met at Matrikon in 2003 and worked on many projects for high profile Fortune 100 companies. At the time every large company was spending millions of dollars to automate their processes as fast as possible. Mike saw a large market of SMEs that also needed to automate their processes but at the time was not being served. From this need emerged Cyanic Automation, with the goal to improve human productivity and fulfillment at work via automation.

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