Project Description

Automate your DWR (Daily Work Record) workflow and get on-site or remote approval of your LEM (Labor, Equipment, Materials) documents. Invoice your customers faster and automatically collect labor hours for payroll or project cost analysis.

Cyanic Automation works with you to deliver a digital solution that perfectly matches your existing DWR / LEM / Field Ticket process.


Cyanic’s Field Service module is an easy-to-use solution that is tailored to fit perfectly into your organization.

  • Maintain rates and costs for all of the different types of labor and equipment you offer. Rates are visible only to authorized staff.
  • Office staff create ‘jobs’ and set up labor and equipment line items from your rate sheet. Use default rates, or set customer-specific rates on a job-by-job basis.
  • Field staff log in, and enter a DWR (Daily Work Record) for the day. Once the ‘job’ is selected, all of the job’s line items are available for entry. When entering labor hours, employees can be selected to create timesheets for payroll or project cost analysis.
  • Manage the life-cycle of your Daily Work Records according to your own process. Track status such as ‘management approval’, ‘customer approval’ or ‘invoiced’ so you always know what state things are in and what still needs to be done.
  • Automatically create LEM documents that look just like your paper LEMs.


  • Get paperwork from site and customer approvals the same day work is performed. Paperwork is always legible and never lost.
  • Automatically create timesheets from your Daily Work Records, and easily report on hours for payroll or project cost analysis.
  • Instantly see the status of all Daily Work Records and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Eliminate all ‘paper delays’ and invoice your customers as fast as possible.


Using the Cyanic Method, we work with you to customize your Field Service module. We design the software to work with your processes so as to customize the Module to your needs. The final product is an extremely user friendly, straightforward, and elegant solution.

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