Project Description

Cyanic HSE Management Software makes it easy to track, manage, and report safety data. Digitize your existing safety program and reduce safety-related overhead across your organization.


HSE is an acronym for Health, Safety, and Environment, also referred to as ESH, Environment Health & Safety, depending on your region.

Cyanic HSE allows site staff to use their phones to complete hazard assessments and inspections, and access safety documentation. HSE Managers can remotely monitor the status of safety activities and paperwork, and use reporting tools to examine trends and minimize risks.


Cyanic HSE can improve your existing safety program in a number of ways:

  • Improves compliance assurance – Regulatory compliance is a primary indicator of HSE performance; staying up-to-date with regulatory changes is essential for planning and verification. Software tools can save time on regulatory tracking, provide guidance to decision makers, and identify gaps in compliance programs.
  • Improves accountability and visibility – An up-to-date compliance plan creates a good foundation, but management needs to ensure that corrective and preventative actions are being completed on time. Software tools prompt action in the field and provide management with visibility and access to overall compliance status and other HSE-related KPIs.
  • Improves collaboration and communication – From Incident Management to Management of Change, an HSE database improves visibility at the site level and help share information across the entire organization. As Baby Boomers enter retirement, a central repository for ‘institutional HSE knowledge’ is essential to ensure effective organizational succession.
  • Helps prioritize risk and allocate resources – HSE departments are constantly asked to do more with less. Thorough understanding of compliance obligations and operational risk factors is essential for making the most of strained resources. Once identified, proactively addressing risks can reduce violations, fines, and the likelihood of incidents and accidents.
  • Standardizes data collection for simplified analysis and reporting – HSE reporting is time consuming. Using spreadsheets to collect and analyze data for reports can be overwhelming, especially if facilities are in multiple locations and countries. Software normalizes data for ‘apples to apples’ comparisons and streamlines reporting of everything from local permits to corporate sustainability reports.


Using the Cyanic Method, we work with you to customize a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) module that fits your organization. We design this software to work with your processes and fit your requirements — not the other way around. The final product becomes an extremely user friendly, straightforward, and elegant solution.

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