Project Description

Track incidents from patients, visitors, employees, and other stakeholders. Analyze the data you’re collecting so you can identity and mitigate emerging trends. Stay compliant with regulations.


Without an incident management software for healthcare, reporting, remediating, and preventing incidents can be ineffective and time consuming.

  • Traditional spreadsheets and Word systems make it hard for employees to report incidents, and create a culture where it’s not encouraged to do so.
  • Staying up to date on which incidents have been resolved or still need attention is difficult without a centralized platform.
  • Without an incident response software, designing and following an efficient workflow is never easy.
  • Without software, it can be impossible to identify emerging trends and gaps in procedures.


Let us introduce you to an incident management software for healthcare that addresses all your pain points at once.

  • Manage all privacy, patient safety, and other internal incidents from creation to completion in one centralized framework.
  • Collect the right information every time an incident is reported with standardized, perfectly customized incident reporting forms.
  • Advance your incident management workflow with automated tasks, alerts, and reminders.
  • Maintain your responsibilities and track the status of incident reports with easily accessible to-do lists and progress notifications.
  • Understand why, when, and where incidents are occurring with pre-built, highly configurable reports and dashboards.


Using the Cyanic Method, we work with you to customize your Incident Management module. We design the software to work with your processes and not the other way around. The final product ends up being an extremely user friendly, straightforward, and an elegant solution. Staff and workers easily adopt the new software, as it was custom built to suite their needs.

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