Project Description

Record incidents and near-misses, and start automated workflow to make sure that your incident management process is followed properly and that nothing falls through the cracks. Report on incidents across departments and facilities to find problem areas.


Software that is designed and customized to replace your existing incident management program.

  • Digitize your existing forms and keep the process that staff are already familiar with.
  • Handles the complete life-cycle of incident reports including the initial report, cause analysis and recommendations, corrective actions, staff review and close-out.
  • Notifications when new incidents are reported, or when the status of a report changes.
  • Send out Flash Reports to quickly communicate safety issues to staff.
  • Reporting tools show incident metrics and trends between departments and facilities.


Your organization will benefit from using Cyanic Incident Management in a number of ways:

Enforce consistency and accuracy

Staff fill out exactly what they’re supposed to, depending on their role. Incident reports will always be legible and in the correct format.

Enforce incident report completion

See that status of all incident reports, including who is responsible at each stage. Ensure that incident reports are closed out according to your process, and that all corrective actions have been completed. Advance the incident management workflow with automated tasks, alerts and reminders.

Reduce staff on-boarding and encourage participation

The system helps staff through the processes and keeps them from making mistakes. The system’s ease-of-use and accessibility encourages people to participate and not fear the process.

Simplify monthly metrics and reporting to management

Understand why, when, and where incidents are occurring with simple dashboards and easily understandable reports. Quickly generate monthly summaries and compare trends across departments and facilities over time.


Using the Cyanic Method, we work with you to customize your Incident Management Module to fit the requirements of your organization. We design the software to work with your processes and ensure that it meets all specificities you have. The final product becomes an extremely user friendly, straightforward, and elegant solution.

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