Project Description

Are your event details scattered across spreadsheets, emails, and apps?

Are you struggling to keep team members and clients on the same page?

We have a solution for you: integrated tools built to simplify event planning.


Event Management software automates time-consuming activities needed to coordinate events between participants. Allow your organization’s resources (therapists, contractors, stations) to schedule their own availability, and allow participants to select from available time slots. Send customized invitation and confirmation emails with event information and schedule dates.


Here are some of the benefits of using a our event management software module.

  • Organize your team
  • Reduce the effort of calendar management and coordination between participants
  • Create the best online registration experience
  • Manage your attendees with CRM
  • Maximize attendee engagement
  • Automate onsite check-in
  • Analyze and evaluate event success
  • Manage multiple events simultaneously


Using the Cyanic Method, we work with you to customize an Event Management Module designed specifically for your organization. The final product becomes an extremely user friendly, straightforward, and elegant solution.

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