Project Description

Survey employees and visitors about COVID-19 / Coronavirus and their symptoms from their own personal devices. We’ve recently launched a standardized COVID screening tool for companies to help reduce the administration and overhead when trying to manage to get back to work in a post Coronavirus world. It automates data collection, enforces process workflow, and of course exports to PDF.  Our tool has the ability to manage contact tracing to further enhance the health and safety of employees and visitors. 

This easy delivery of our COVID-19 questionnaires encourages survey engagement and allows for optimal company contact tracing to ensure the wellbeing of the workplace.


Cyanic’s electronic Covid-19 questionnaire allows staff and visitors to report their symptoms and answer Coronavirus related questions from any phone or mobile device.
  • Incredibly easy to use application through any device
  • Speedy way of surveying large groups of employees and visitors without waiting inline
  • Minimizes exposure risks during survey delivery when compared with previous surveying methods (human surveying, paper surveying,  communal computers)
  • Allows companies to practice contact tracing and warn individuals who have come in contact with a Covid-19 positive colleague in the workplace.
  • Obtains additional details regarding travel history, Coronavirus related symptoms, and association with high-risk individuals
  • Tracks employees’ well being daily as well as ensures a healthy and productive workplace


The Cyanic COVID-19 questionnaire is an excellent asset to your company as it warrants the wellbeing of employees and visitors
Survey large amounts of employees and visitors simultaneously
The quick COVID-19 questionnaire can be accessed through any personal device via a user-friendly application. Allow your employees and visitors to skip the long line by submitting the survey through their phones or tablets.
Contact tracing enhances workplace safety
In the case an employee discloses their COVID-19 positive diagnosis to the employer, the company can warn colleagues who came in contact with the affected employee. Warnings will not distribute the name of the affected employee to colleagues, while advice for testing and social isolation will be issued.
Collect additional information to properly manage employee placement
The Cyanic COVID-19 questionnaire will be able to fill in employers about employee travel history, symptoms, as well as co-habitation with high-risk individuals (i.e. nurses, doctors, and other front line workers). This will help employers to better manage employee placing during the workday as employees with high-risk domestic partners will not be paired with employees who have underlying conditions.  This will overall help with:
  • Enhancing safety in the workplace
  • Minimizing COVID-19 risk in some employees
  • Diminishing exposure risk during survey completion by direct survey delivery to employee’s personal devices
  • Faster survey completion
  • Provide due diligence records to your customers and regulatory bodies
  • Contact tracing within the company


Using the Cyanic Method, we want to ensure getting back to work post-COVID-19 is as safe as possible. We design the questionnaire to work with any mobile device; it is short and straightforward, while the app is simple, user-friendly, and an elegant solution to minimize exposure risk. Companies and employees can both use this tool to continue with their everyday tasks and ensure peace of mind.