Multipart Parsing in Node.js Express 4

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Just how, exactly, do you use the multiparty module? If you've migrated to Express 4 you may have noticed that with the removal of Connect middleware, there is no bundled solution for multipart form parsing.  We've been playing with the commonly recommended multiparty module and it seems to be a reasonable alternative, with one major problem: the [...]

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Expression-Based Security

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A pattern for expressive security in a generic CMS Hello everyone.  I'd like to spend some time discussing a fairly simple but (from what I can tell) unique security feature in Cyanic Business Automation Studio (the platform that powers Cyanic HSE) in the hope that it may help or inspire other developers working with or building [...]

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Software Complexity: A look at .NET and Node.js

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Software complexity is killing software development as we know it. I’ve held this opinion for at least the last decade, and I thought it would make a good first post for the Cyanic Automation developer blog. If we look at how most major development environments evolve over time, it is clear that each new version brings [...]

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